Une première augmentation de prix pour la Tesla

Le prix de la Tesla S va augmenter. Malheureusement pour les personnes ne l’ayant pas encore commandé. Heureusement pour moi c’est déjà fait et le prix ne changera donc pas. Le mail:

Dear Mr. Bonhomme,

We will be announcing a price increase for Model S in the next few days.

This is our first price increase since the introduction of Model S and it is very important that we implement this in a way that recognizes those who already have a Model S reservation. This price increase will not apply to anyone with an existing reservation… as long as they finalize their order within a reasonable, predefined timeframe after receiving their “Invitation to Configure.”

You will likely receive your invitation to configure between now and the end of January depending upon when you made your reservation. If you configure your car and finalize your order within four weeks after receiving your invitation, you will not be subject to the price increase.

Customers most often want to know if they will be invited to configure in the order in which they placed their reservation. The answer is 100% yes. However, we are finding that some customers finalize their order quickly while others take longer to complete their design and submit final paperwork. As a result, those invited later with “higher” sequence numbers are moving ahead of those with “lower” sequence numbers on a weekly basis.

To be fair, we fill all open production slots with the lowest sequence number reservations that have finalized their order. We need to do this in order to fill all production slots each week. This means the sooner you finalize your order, the sooner your Model S will be headed your way.

Keep an eye out for your Invitation to Configure your Model S!

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