I’m a computer scientist, intensely interested in computer security and privacy.
Open-source software (OSS) is important for me. I try to share and contribute in this world to the extent of my knowledge. I have the huge chance to develop open source software in a professional context. I do not really prefer a specific programming language, despite the fact that I like Python and OCaml.
I appreciate the art of computer programming since my childhood. Here is a resume if you care.

Outside of computers, I’m interested in photography and I play piano, a lot. I also read books, but not as much as I would like.

I have two wonderful children. I like to say that I am father by day and hacker by night (I don’t sleep much, so its almost literally the case). Despite my work and passion for computer science, I do my best to spend a lot of time with them. To teach them everything I can and of course to have fun together. I am quite proud of this.

More about me


I’m a minimalist and a low-tech guy. Passionate by computer science. Secretly I do not like modern technology. I prefer basic phones, simple cars, watches and so on. I like books, pen, papers and photos. I hate e-readers and “smart” devices. Of all the things I own, the most important for me is probably my piano.

This principle is also valid when it comes to my tastes in software development and with hardware. My favorite programming languages are Python and OCaml and text editors of choice are Emacs and Kate, depending on the mood.


I am a kind of introvert and I like to think, slowly, about many aspects of the world. I don’t feel the need to show, to be liked and I ignore those who don’t like me.

I make friends quite easily. I remember and still love all of them. I am fine when I am alone, so I know I have the best friends.

I do not fight against people with antagonist principles. Trying to fix the society this way is a waste of time. It is extremely hard to change people. It is better to spend time for positive things, to create and enjoy your transient life. You could be an example, just by doing. And at worse, you did something.

People should be more individualist and altruistic, in the same time. It’s a matter of balance. For me it’s totally fine to create something without putting my name on it.

It’s all about open source

I try to dedicate a significant part of my life to promoting knowledge sharing mainly, but not only, in the field of computer science. This is why my software projects and ideas are public and under copyleft licenses. You can share, use and remix my work.
I think it’s also important to make donations to the projects I am relying on.

I am desperate by the growing capitalist alternative of the Web and I support the Small Web.


I might have already said it: I love my piano. An instrument of music is the only expensive thing you can buy and do not feel stupid. It works without electricity, without subscription, without software. It just needs you and you can enjoy it your entire life. To be good at it you need to learn and practice. The rich can’t buy this. Lazy people can’t steal it. You can use it alone, in duo or being part of a group.


I do not want to depend on big tech companies, I avoid online services, the cloud and try to run what I can myself. Or partly myself.

I also do not want to depend to much on the banking system (I avoid having debts), and useless insurances. I hate subscription services because I want to spend most of my time creating and thinking. Not consuming products. Our world do not need more audience, but more creation.

I like when it’s hard

I always valued efforts. Even when I was a teenager (a bit weird no ?). Later when I was at the university. Today I tend as well to specifically value more what has endured. A watch that you are using since 10 years will be probably ready for another decade. Same for cars, I do not change a working car. Do not buy a brand new camera but try to make great photos with your current equipment. Look for new ideas, techniques, skills, new places. It’s more work but rewarding.

Hard effort is good for the body. Discomfort makes you stronger. Comfort makes you age faster. I really started doing more sport when I was 32. I quickly felt stronger than at the age of 20.

Reading books is good for you. Big companies do not forget to remind us to finish a movie, watch a video, read Twitter. Who remind you to read books ?

Thanks to books you will keep the brain of a child. If you are constantly learning, you do not age.


I am local. Physically, I mean. My community is close to me geographically. This is something important that I learned thanks to my children and then thanks to my friends. In this order. This is quite fun.

I am not against being global. But as I value effort, I prefer to be local. There are too much communities nowadays. Communities relying on wire and optical fiber. Those communities are often effortless, not resilient and finally illusion. Betting on social media to improve the society is an error. “Think Globally, Act Locally”. Global communities and social media tend to upset us, divide and make us feel bad. I ignore these networks with peace of mind. There’s no effort to puke on Twitter every day like Elon Musk does.


I always tried to do everything with passion and I think long-term. As much in my private life as in my work. If I feel that something out of my control is about to threaten my plans, I am ready to take appropriate decisions to change this or to adjust the plan. Most of the time it’s not easy, but it’s necessary. It’s always better to put more effort. This is how to be honest and respectful to others.

Finally, it’s about enjoying life and doing what you love.

What am I doing now?

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Enough about me. Let’s talk about this website. The source code is available in a Git repository.

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