pyHIDS 0.6.1

The new version of pyHIDS features the integration of Hashlookup and Pandora.

You can install it from Pypi, for example with pipx:

$ pipx install pyHIDS
$ export PYHIDS_CONFIG=~/.pyHIDS/conf.cfg

Example of usage:

$ pyhids gen-keys --size 2048
Generating 2048 bits RSA keys ...
Dumping Keys

$ pyhids gen-base --sign
Generating database...
2427 files in the database.

$ pyhids run --check-signature
Verifying the integrity of the base of hashes...
Database integrity verified.
Verifying the integrity of the files...

If you want to check the database of hashes against Hashlookup and Pandora for known malicious files:

$ pyhids hashlookup

$ pyhids pandora

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